3mm Gold Filled Rope Chains

Pretty Ululani

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Timeless Style - Gold Filled 3mm Rope Chains
16” - perfect for keiki or choker style
18” - perfect for keiki/teen girls
20” - perfect for adults/teen boys
24” - perfect for adults/teen boys/men “HAMMAHS” lol

16” is $39!!!

* Above info are SUGGESTIONS ONLY - we ALWAYS recommend measuring to see what length fits you the best 🙏🏽 we are not responsible for wrong lengths ordered 🙌🏽

Gold Filled - Tarnish resistant and water friendly. Higher quality and lasts longer than gold plated jewelry. THIS IS NOT A SOLID GOLD ITEM. Gold filled jewelry was created as an affordable version to real gold without the high price tag. We do recommend to take care of it with a microfiber cloth, as some harsh chemicals (chlorine, bleach etc) can still ruin your gold filled pieces over time.