ON SALE! Until 9/25! RHB Hawaii Microfiber Towels, designed in Honolulu, HI

Pretty Ululani

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3 different prints to choose from - Our pricing are the same as the RHB website. SHAKA!

Includes matching pouch

Absorbent * Sand Free * Lightweight * Ultrasoft

Dries 3x's faster than a normal cotton towel. Hang your towel anywhere for a quick dry. It's also super lightweight, even when it's wet.

These microfiber towels are designed in Honolulu, HI.

Each product is designed with Hawaii in mind, so wherever you go, you can take a little bit of Hawaii with you

From their brand:

"RHB Hawaii is a Hawaii born sports and outdoor company. We aim to share and deliver the best product in the world to connect everyone. With this, we want to inspire others to live a good life with us. Meet our microfiber beach towels!"

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