Ulu Sticker - Shaka Tribe
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Ulu Sticker - Shaka Tribe

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By Shaka Tribe


The Ulu’ fruit is very nutritious and versatile and is often called the “super fruit” in Polynesia. The Ulu’ (breadfruit) has been around for almost 1,000 years, providing nourishment and food for generations.

There is an ancient story of the Hawaiian legend and war-god Kūka’ilimoku (Kū). When his family was suffering from starvation, he buried himself and emerged as a breadfruit tree. As a result, Kū was able to save his family and produce food to save the whole village from famine. 

The Ulu’ can represent a symbol of sacrifice and love. This is a reminder to be courageous as we serve our loved ones.

Size: 7.4x9cm

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