Our Story

Photos above: My little Ohana - Aloha! I'm Sanoe =) with my fiancé Brad, daughters Rya and Ivy. Second photo is of my daughter and niece, Aryana on Kaua’i (where we are originally from), enjoying some beach time.
It all started with a sprinkle of heavenly inspiration and a little order that didn’t fit💕 (posted a bangle for sale on a local page and our messenger went CRAZY! That’s when we knew.... something amazing was going to happen)
We are a small island style jewelry business based out of O’ahu, HI & Las Vegas🤙🏽

Back story & breakdown of “Ululani” with words from Kumu: “The Hawaiian word for inspired is “Ulu”, which has several meanings and plenty “kaona” or underlying meanings. Ulu also means inspired by a spirit, to grow, increase, spread, protect, the rising of the wind, also the breadfruit, a grove. You honor your tutu and your dear friend with the word “Ululani”. -Your Kumu”
Lani is the beautiful word for “Heaven”
This business was built to honor my guardian angels💕 Gramma Leila and my best friend Christine. Both passed too young, suddenly and unexpectedly. Both beautiful, strong, always believed in me, even when things got tough and still reminds me everyday that life is precious, so make the best of it🙏🏽 this is for you, and all of my angels above me. Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo💕