Keiki/Child 14" x 4.5mm Figaro Gold Filled Chain

Pretty Ululani

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LIMITED QUANTITY IN THIS KEIKI SIZE Priced for affordability - We are known to have the lowest pricing for GOLD FILLED chains

SIZE: 4.5mm Thickness (see photos for reference) Rya in photo, is 6yrs old

STYLE: Figaro - This style has parts of the chain that are 4.5mm-5mm in thickness due to the links. "3x1" = 3 round links and 1 long link to make the popular FIGARO design. You can clearly see the links in the photo.

Clasp closure may vary

Gold Filled - Tarnish resistant and water friendly. Higher quality and lasts longer than gold plated jewelry. THIS IS NOT A SOLID GOLD ITEM. Gold filled jewelry was created as an affordable version to real gold without the price tag. 

How to Clean: Wipe down with microfiber cloth

* Tarnish resistant means that with good care, you can keep it for a few years (sometimes longer) without color change or loss. We ALWAYS recommend to clean thoroughly after swimming or after constant contact with water/sweat - as some chemicals MAY still ruin gold filled items. There is NO LIFETIME WARRANTY.