POGS / Milk Caps Pack of 60
POGS / Milk Caps Pack of 60
POGS / Milk Caps Pack of 60
POGS / Milk Caps Pack of 60
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POGS / Milk Caps Pack of 60

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The born-in-Hawai’i 90s fad is back and better than ever!!
A perfect gift for keiki and nostalgic millenials alike, 808 Milk Capsfeatures an exclusive collection of 60 unique designs by 12 of Hawai‘i’s most celebrated contemporary artists! The set includes 2 engraved “slammers” made of recycled plastic, and is packaged in a slick and eco-friendly cardboard tube.

The game of milk caps originated in Hawai’i and became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1990s. It is loosely based off the Japanese card game Menko, and was originally played with actual cardboard caps from milk bottles, many labeled “Haleakala Dairy” or “POG” (Passion Orange Guava). To play, each player contributes the same number of caps from their collection, and they are mixed and stacked. Players take turns using the slammer to hit the top of the stack, winning any milk caps that are flipped over. Play "for keeps," for fun, or just to admire the artwork!

808 Milk Caps features original designs by the following artists:





Jack Soren

Kate Wadsworth

Kimberlie Wong

Kim Sielbeck


Nikki Oka

Punky Aloha

Ry Macarayan

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